Visible throughout the Day
bright at Night

Visible throughout the Day
bright at Night
Visible throughout the Day
bright at Night

YSW Illuminated Signs

For a sign to be effective it must be noticeable and lit signs are visible day and night. Our eye-catching designs are sure to capture passers-by attention without breaking the bank. LED based signs are energy saving and compare favorably to traditional neon and fluorescent signs.

Make your Brand Shine

Cabinet Signs - Light Box

Cabinet Signs are framed, internally illuminated boxes that consist of a front panel made of translucent acrylic and vinyl graphics or any other graphic print. Cabinet Signs can help any business because they have a major impact, are reasonably priced and provide a strong presence for many years. If you are looking for an attractive graphic design that will draw more attention to your business, Cabinet Signs are an adequate option.

Front Lit Channel Letters

This is the most common type of sign used. Each letter is manufactured individually and the face of the letters are made of colored translucent acrylic. The inside contains the LEDs so that all the lighting is projected forward through the face of the sign.

Channel letters can be fixed directly to the wall or to a backer panel.

Front and Back Lit Channel Letters

This type of sign has interior lighting projected forward and also has lighting in the back to project one or more colors towards the wall, achieving a highlight or halo and generating an intense light effect. 

All Channel Letters letters are three dimensional but this dual lighting produces a dramatic effect.

Led Lighting for Signage

Reduce the Carbon Footprint

The use of LEDs in signage is gaining a lot of ground. Durability, energy saving and respect for the environment (because they do not contribute to raising pollution rates) are striking enough advantages compared to other types of media. The LED lighting, in addition, can suppose an energetic saving of 75% in the consumption of light.


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